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Cleanup Duplicate Files

DupScout allows one to select original files that should be kept in place and cleanup duplicate files thus freeing up wasted storage space. The user is provided with the ability to delete selected duplicate files or to move them to another directory or a backup disk. In addition, DupScout Pro allows one to replace duplicate files with links to the original file in each specific duplicate files set.

In order to select an appropriate duplicates cleanup action, select one or more duplicate file sets, press the right mouse button and select the required duplicates cleanup action. By default, DupScout selects the oldest file in each duplicate file set as the original file. In addition, the user is provided with the ability to select any arbitrary file in each file set as the original file.

The set dialog shows all duplicate files in a set and allows one to manually select a cleanup action and the original file for the set. In order to manually change the original file for a duplicate files set, click on the set item in the set list, select the file that should be set as the original file, press the right mouse button and select the 'Set as Original' menu item.

WARNING: There are a large number duplicate files in the Windows system directory, which are critical for the proper operation of the operating system. All duplicate files located in the Windows system directory and other application specific directories cannot be removed and it is highly recommended to avoid touching these files.

In order to minimize accidental removals of important files, DupScout implements a two-stage duplicate files cleanup process with a preview dialog allowing one to carefully select and confirm cleanup actions that should be executed. Once finished selecting duplicate files that should be removed and cleanup actions to be used for each specific duplicate files set, press the 'Execute' button located on the main toolbar.

The duplicate files cleanup actions preview dialog will display a list of all cleanup actions that should be performed and allow one to select/unselect each specific cleanup action. After carefully reviewing all the selected cleanup actions, press the 'Execute' button to actually cleanup all the selected duplicate files.