DupScout is a duplicate files finder allowing one to search and cleanup duplicate files in local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with the ability to search duplicate files, save reports, replace duplicates with links, delete duplicate files or move duplicate files to another location.

26-Jun-2017 - DupScout v9.8 adds the ability to select the original file in each duplicate files set by the directory name. In addition, the new product version improves file matching rules allowing one to search specific types of duplicate files by the file name, location, file type, extension, file size, creation, last modification and last access dates. Finally, the new version improves all types of duplicate files search reports and fixes a number of bugs.
22-May-2017 - DupScout v9.7 adds the ability to export duplicate files categories reports to the Microsoft Excel format including a pie chart and a table showing all categories of duplicate files. In addition, the new product version improves the duplicate files search results view, improves the duplicate files filters view, improves the main 'Options' dialog and fixes a number of bugs.
20-Apr-2017 - DupScout v9.6 adds the ability to search duplicate files in a number of servers or NAS storage devices and then save consolidated duplicate files reports to the HTML and Microsoft Excel formats including various types of statistical charts. In addition, the new version improves the DupScout client GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.